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Chocolate Brownie Fit

Chocolate Brownie Fit

-> Delicious, Healthy and Plant-Based!!

This Chocolate Brownie Fit is simply amazing, and super easy to make! Perfect for those moments when the desire for a sweet speaks louder.


100g of Oatmeal,

4 spoons full of cocoa,

70g of brown sugar,

30g of tapioca,

1 pinch of salt,

½ col. (tea) baking soda,

1 col. (tea) of vanilla essence,

120 ml of vegetable milk (except coconut milk as it is very dense. We use cashew nut milk).

2 Chia Eggs (2 tablespoons of chia to 6 tablespoons of water – the chia can be crushed or whole, let it hydrate until it forms a small gel).

2 Generous Chocolate Nut Paste with 70% Cocoa Pecanobre!

Preparation is simple:

To start, preheat the oven.

Mix the dry ingredients and then the wet ones, until smooth. You can make this mixture by hand. Place in the oven on a greased baking sheet. Brownie's texture is really wet, so when you do the toothpick test, don't worry, it should come out really dirty.

A really cool tip to finish is using strawberry jam, which you can make yourself a zero sugar version. Just boil the chopped strawberries with xylitol natural sweetener and a few drops of lemon.

Use the jelly and more nut paste for topping. The taste is irresistible!!

This recipe is an option:

- No ingredients of animal origin,

- Zero Lactose,

- Without gluten,

-And with A LOT of flavor!!


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