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Coconut sugar: benefits and how to include it in food!

Coconut sugar is produced from the sap of the coconut tree, and its quality is related to the quality of the fruit from which it is produced. It is considered a healthier substitute for white sugar as it has a lower glycemic index and more nutrients in its composition. Therefore, many people migrate from refined sugar to coconut as a way to have a slightly healthier diet. But what are the benefits that coconut sugar provides? Let's analyze them! 1) Nutritious! Coconut sugar is very nutritious, preserving in its composition vitamins B1, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, among others that help regulate high blood pressure, mental development, strengthen teeth and bones, etc. 2) Satiety! Having dietary fiber in its composition, it helps maintain satiety for longer. 3) Gut flora! Coconut sugar has probiotic nutrients that nourish gut-friendly bacteria. 4) Weight Loss! Coconut sugar controls blood glucose, with less insulin release, body fat will not increase. How to introduce it in the food? As it has a slightly stronger flavor than normal sugar, it must be introduced little by little to adapt to the different flavor. Use it in everyday recipes and drinks and consume products made with it. But don't forget, it's still a sugar, so always use it with moderation and care, respecting the informed limits.


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