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Immune system: how to boost it with food.

When our immune system is weak and weakened, our body is exposed to any external agent that decides to invade it and cause flu, colds, among other diseases. As it is the immune system itself that fights these agents, we must always keep it strong and protected against any factor, so that our organism does not get infected.

But how do I make my immune system strong?

In addition to exercising, drinking a lot of water, sleeping well, avoiding excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, among others, the essential thing to do is to have a good diet, with the correct foods and in the correct way...check it out now the foods that will "up" your immune system:

Oilseeds: help to combat the decrease in immune activity due to age;

Garlic: in addition to preventing and treating infections, garlic works by strengthening the immune system;

Green vegetables: helps cells resist infection;

Propolis: is antibacterial and antiviral, having the power to regulate and alter the immune system;

Citrus fruits: have antioxidant action, fight respiratory infections and flu;

Ginger: has an enormous antibacterial action helping the body's defenses;

Among other foods!

People who want to boost their immune system should eat these foods frequently, thus avoiding health problems!

So...don't waste time, bring to your life and food all these and many other foods that will boost your immune system, providing health and well-being throughout your life!


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