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Importance of minerals at different stages of life!

Minerals are important components for a healthy diet and proper functioning of the body and should be consumed in small amounts every day. They are classified into: Macrominerals: they help in the formation of bones and structure, needing to be consumed in large quantities. Microminerals: are related to the immune system and antioxidant actions. At different stages of life: Baby: Iron and calcium promote growth, strengthening bones and the immune system. Only breast milk should be ingested. Adolescence: at this stage, zinc is the most important mineral, regulating hormone production and sexual development. Adults: here, antioxidants stand out, keeping the heart and cells healthy. Third age: here, the most important thing is to fight the evils of age. Consuming calcium against osteoporosis and lycopene to prevent prostate cancer. It is worth mentioning that despite everything, it is important to always be up to date with routine exams, avoiding being caught by surprise by unwanted diseases. fonte:


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