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Is coconut sugar a good choice for health?

Coconut sugar has become popular because it promotes a low glycemic index (meaning that the sugar in food goes slowly into the bloodstream). This sugar is a natural sweetener, extracted from the nectar of the coconut flower, through a natural process, by evaporation. This is already a major advantage in favor of this sugar. It is still a sugar, as far as the chemical structure and calories are concerned, however it has some characteristics that make it a better option in relation to white sugar, such as: it is rich in fiber, especially inulin, a dietary fiber with beneficial health effects. Inulin delays the absorption of glucose, which may explain its low glycemic index. The difficulty in replacing refined sugar with organic ones, which do not use any chemical product, from planting to industry, is in the flavor. Because they do not go through chemical processes, they are not so sweet, which causes people to increase the amount used. Despite being coconut, sugar does not taste like coconut, it has a sweet caramel taste and is similar in appearance and color to brown sugar. So can we consume at will? This sugar does have advantages over refined sugar, but it is still sugar. What it represents is a better option compared to white sugar and other sweeteners. It should therefore be consumed in moderation. And since we use sugar and as long as it is not consumed in excess, coconut sugar is undoubtedly one of the best choices.


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