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Oilseeds that protect the heart the most!

Heart health is without a doubt something that most people take care of, as it is precious. In order to have good cardiovascular health, we must pay attention to what foods we consume, so oilseeds, as they are foods rich in good fats, fibers and many other beneficial elements, cannot be left out of the menu of those who value heart health.

Check out the list of oilseeds that help the most in heart health!

Nuts! Being the oilseed that has the most good fats, pecan nut helps to dilate blood vessels which reduces the risk of clogged arteries.

Brazil Nuts! Being a source of phosphorus and potassium, chestnuts help balance the rhythm of the heartbeat and prevent arrhythmias. It also has a high concentration of selenium that works by decreasing blood viscosity and facilitating the transport of nutrients through the cardiovascular system.

Cashew nut! Chestnut has an amino acid called argimino that lowers blood pressure by widening the arteries!

Hazelnuts! It has monounsaturated fats that fight bad cholesterol in the blood and also act as anti-inflammatory protecting the heart.

Almonds! Almonds have endless nutrients that when combined can reduce the risk of heart disease.

With this, we realize the importance of consuming a little of each oilseed to keep our heart health up to date and thus maintain the health of the whole body.


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