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Is your hunger physical or emotional?

Physical hunger is a sensation in which our body tells us that we need to eat, it is a physiological need, we need food to have energy. This physical hunger does not choose food, anything you eat will satisfy you (but of course, it is always good to choose healthy and natural options). Symptoms: - Hunger is gradually increasing; - When you feel satisfied you stop eating; - Hunger does not disappear, it persists until you eat. But what about emotional hunger, what is it? Emotional hunger, as the word says, is caused by our emotions. It was not long after the last meal and we are already looking for something to eat, but it is something specific, a sweet for example. For many people, food helps to forget problems, it is a way of relieving stress, it is an instant relief. These symptoms are linked to depression, anxiety, sadness and even joy. Symptoms: - It is something that appears suddenly, it is a hunger for something specific, something "good"; - You are not satisfied, you want to eat more and more; - Disappears if you get distracted or do some other activity.

How to avoid emotional hunger? - Try to eat calmly, chew slowly; - Reduce stress; - Practice physical exercises, that way the anxiety will decrease and the "hunger" too. - Take time to do things you enjoy such as: reading a book, taking care of your skin, taking care of your hair.

- Eat foods rich in protein and fiber to keep you sated longer.

Compulsive eating can lead to several health problems, take care of your emotional health so that your body is healthy too, one depends on the other to keep working!!!


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