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Therapeutic Kitchen: what is it and what are its benefits?

The relationship between food lovers and food is real and without a doubt it is very special. The act of cooking with love, having a special contact with food and showing your feelings through the dishes is incredible. And that's how to identify therapeutic cooking, related by the need to promote an activity that provides calm, that combats various emotions, reducing stress and anxiety since when cooking, usually, the person disconnects from other tasks and forget about problems. What are the benefits of therapeutic cooking? Develop a creativity! Creativity happens through the act of improvisation. In the absence of an ingredient, one must use creativity and create new dishes, create new possibilities and flavors. The dish may not go as planned, but it will be like therapy and you will develop your gastronomic skills. It wards off anxiety and depression! The therapy kitchen disconnects people from worries and stress, strengthens bonds and offers moments of pleasure.

Makes people more patient! Each dish has its time to get ready!! And despite the rush and hunger, we know that if we try to speed up the preparation, the dish will not be as tasty as it should. This makes us more patient beings and teaches us that all processes take a certain amount of time. Brings people together! Cooking with company and sharing tasks, in addition to bringing each other closer, can develop in people skills such as autonomy and independence. The act of each one playing a role and in the end the food becoming magnificent provides moments of joy and unity, both with family and friends. Cooking and cooking are magical and provide incredible benefits that help people to develop physically and mentally. They also provide new learning and make people better. Get started now, include therapeutic cooking in your life and get all the benefits it can provide!


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