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Foods That Help Relieve Menopause

Menopause is the name that refers to the last menstruation that occurs between 45 and 55 years. It comes with a wave of symptoms that are not pleasant, such as: - Heat waves and intense sweats; - Tiredness; - Dizziness; - Joint pain; - Irritability and insomnia, etc. During this period it is essential that women eat very well to avoid health problems that may arise or even symptoms, the ideal foods are: 1) Nuts and chestnuts: they are rich in antioxidants that reduce damage to the cells of the ovaries; 2) 70% Chocolate: helps to strengthen the bones and reduces stress; 3) Milk and dairy products: help replenish calcium; 4) Fish: can delay symptoms for up to 3 years, since it is rich in protein, vitamin D and omega 3; 5) Banana: helps fight depressive symptoms, thanks to the tryptophan present in its composition. Avoid foods like: 1) Coffee: caffeine increases the heat even more; 2) Pepper: contributes to the increase in body temperature, so don't overdo it; 3) Carbohydrates and sweets: it is important to be careful with these foods since in this phase, women, due to hormonal changes, are more likely to accumulate fats and may trigger diseases due to obesity. Another very important tip: Practice physical exercises; go to the gym, go for walks, runs, dance classes, in short, move around to stay within your ideal weight, since as already mentioned this period causes the weight to increase.


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