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How to consume Nut Paste?

Pecan nuts, in addition to being delicious, have incredible benefits that help keep your body healthy. They have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, help with metabolic control, in addition to having 11 essential vitamins for the human body. Pecan nuts are incredibly nutritious. But have you ever heard, or consumed, the pecan paste?

The Nut Paste is a tasty novelty and as nutritious as the nuts themselves, presenting fibers, good fats and proteins.

Tips for consuming and choosing the ideal pasta:

1) Pay attention to the product label: choose the option that has less preservatives or that is natural (as well as Pecanobre Pasta In Natura, which contains only walnuts in its composition)

2) Preserve their properties and consume them with healthy foods like fruits.

3) It can also be added to different dishes such as: pasta, meat, cakes, in short, just let your imagination flow and create different types of dishes with the incredible pastas.

Pecanobre has in its line of products varied flavors of Pecan Nut Pastes, all with incredible nutrients. Altogether there are 7 folders that give a special touch to any dish. Making all meals even more tasty.


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