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How to keep the energy up there all day!

Something normal that happens to many people is the feeling of tiredness right when they wake up, that discouragement of having a long day and full of tasks to accomplish, and without an ounce of energy or spirit. Another factor is that indisposition after lunch, the desire to take a nap (which is often not possible). These symptoms reveal that your energy is being sucked. What should you do to get rid of this feeling? How to improve the functioning of energy and keep it up there all day? Here are some tips that will help give that “up ” in your energy: 1) Sleep well! It is not just about how many hours are slept, but also the quality of that sleep. Try to sleep with the lights off, without noise, among others;

2) Consume energetic foods! Early in the morning, prepare that very nutritious coffee, with breads, granola, oilseeds, fruits and eggs. These foods will give you a feeling of satiety and energy throughout the day.

3) Hydrate yourself! The body needs water, hydrating is essential! Try to drink 9 to 12 glasses of water daily, this will consequently provide you with a great well-being.

4) Don't stress! Including the routine activities to relax is a very good thing, since stress causes our body to spend a lot of energy, a moment of leisure is essential to replenish it. 5) Exercise! Physical activities give you more energy for the day, it promotes endurance, thus reducing fatigue in the long term.

6) Make healthy snacks!

Include in your snacks walnuts and chestnuts which, in addition to being foods full of benefits , give that gas for the day and still have a spectacular flavor.


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