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How to make better use of oilseeds

Oilseeds, or nuts, are rich sources of vitamins, proteins and antioxidants...they prevent premature aging, take care of heart health, reduce stress, improve digestion, in short, the benefits are endless!

The consumption of these fruits has been increasing year after year, with the search for a healthier life, oilseeds are essential in the diet. In addition to being a great snack option, the seeds can be consumed in a variety of ways, one more delicious than the other.

Check out the following tips on how to get the most out of your oilseeds: In a stew: Can you remember the spectacular taste of your grandmother's stew? And, the secret is very simple! The traditional recipe calls for a good dose of Nuts as a spice. Ideal to enhance the sautés and/or thicken them with flour. The possibilities are endless.

On the salad: We know this is one of the most obvious suggestions, but it's important to keep in mind that oilseeds can make all the difference. Whether betting on classic combinations, such as goat cheese and walnuts, or even more innovative combinations such as figs and almonds, chicken and peanuts, arugula and nuts. You can crush the oilseeds (with a pestle), or serve them whole. You will be enchanted by the beauty and taste. Frying: yes, you read that correctly! Use and abuse the nuts, both in pieces and in flour, to bread your fries... it's mouth-watering! Another tip is to make an oilseed paste and put it on top of your chicken pies!

Cold cuts board: a cold cuts board always calls for a combination of oilseeds, doesn't it? They add a special touch to what is already delicious! You can use the same idea to spice up your Fondue! Some oilseeds go as well combined with savory sauces (such as cheese) as with sweets (fig and chocolate). In a granola: nothing better than starting the day betting on a diet full of nutrients... nuts are the special feature of granola, bringing an unparalleled flavor! But, you can add any oilseeds to your granola, as well as dried fruit and seeds. In the sauce: Some nuts are traditionally used in sauces, such as walnuts in pesto sauce, almonds and hazelnuts in romesco sauce, but you should not be fooled and just stick with the conventional! A sauce with Nuts or Pistachios would also be perfect to accompany your salads or pasta, no?

In cakes and breads: Oilseeds are incredible and versatile, providing flavor and satisfaction to those who love a healthier life, we already know. But introducing the routine is not always easy right? The cool thing is that you can use them as flour to make the dough, chopped to put with the dough, or whole for decoration. They fit in any step of the recipe! Purees: You can either mix the crushed oilseeds into the mass, or cover the puree with the oilseeds in the form of Farofa, for example, and then take it to the oven to brown. Vinaigrette: As with salads in general, it is possible to add oilseeds to Vinaigrette. Crushing the oilseed of your choice, along with olive oil, vinegar, salt, pepper and whatever you prefer (lemon, mustard, basil…). This is a subtle way to introduce oilseeds into salads.

Yogurt: Sometimes we need things fast. And on these occasions the best option is to mix your oilseeds with yogurt. If it's natural, even better! Desserts: If the possibilities were already many, in this item they become infinite!! In fruit salads, for example, you can add crushed and toasted hazelnuts for extra flavor and crunchiness. Sweet pancakes, mousses, paves, pies, muffins, puddings... With Cheese: A good cheese board requires good nuts. But, don't forget that it is possible to add the combination “cheese + nuts” in the most diverse environments. Another option would be to place the chopped walnuts on top of the melted cheese, on toast. Or, in cream cheese with basil, to serve as a starter.

So, did you like it? Did you know that oilseeds have infinite versions? Well, the options to include them in the menu are many and for all there's no excuse, start including dried fruits in your diet and enjoy all the incredible benefits they can provide!


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