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Peanut Fattening?

Have you thought about adding peanuts to your routine? If you, like us, are looking for a healthier and more nutritious diet, peanuts can be a good option!

There are people who do not feed the habit of bringing peanuts into their routine, due to a popular belief that peanuts are fattening, or not so necessary. But, we can say that peanuts, if consumed in the right amount, can help us lose weight.

It is recommended to consume approximately 30g of peanuts (about 180 calories) daily. As he has monounsaturated fats, which activate the functioning of the metabolism responsible for burning fats, he contributes to the burning not only of his fats, but also of the fats ingested from other foods.

It is important to mention that Omega-3 (monounsaturated fat most present in peanuts), has anti-inflammatory action, and this prevents body fat, which is an inflammatory process, from accumulating mainly in the waist line.

Thanks to its low glycemic index, the transformation into sugar that happens in our bloodstream, occurs very slowly. Which is great, as it does not require the pancreas to have to produce as much insulin. Which, in short, decreases appetite. In addition to all this, it is rich in Vitamin E, which increases the feeling of satiety.

Of course, like any other food, excess peanuts are bad for you and end up putting on weight.

One should always try to consume it naturally, without the addition of other sugars, and also without being roasted, for a better use of its nutrients.

If you frequently suffer from herpes, it is not recommended to consume it, because peanuts have a high level of arginine, which may be responsible, in this case, for episodes of herpes.

It also has a considerable allergenic potential, that is, many people end up contracting allergies. If you have, it is not recommended, to avoid allergic reactions.

We hope this text helps you...

With Love, Pecanobre team!


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