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Winter hydration

Winter, a cold and sometimes dry season, brings with it a lack of hydration, thus resulting in some problems. The idea that in the winter we lose less fluid and the need to drink water decreases is a myth, at this time of year we continue to lose fluid and having an enormous need for hydration. Some studies have shown that dehydration in winter is generally more severe than those that occur at other times, since as a result of mild temperatures, drinking liquids, especially cold ones like water, becomes a little difficult and less required.

See some problems caused by lack of hydration in winter:

-Difficulty concentrating;


-Dry skin;



-Mood changes;

- Kidney stones, etc.

How do I avoid dehydration?

-Drink a lot of water, about 2 liters a day;

-Consume foods, vegetables and fruits, which contain plenty of water in their composition.

Eg: cucumber, chayote, lettuce, cabbage, fruit;

-For those who cannot drink the ideal amount of water per day, it is also (usually) worth replacing it with natural juices and teas;

Tips for drinking more water:

- Always keep a bottle close by;

- Set goals, or trigger reminders on your cell phone, it's a great way to remember;

- Consume water flavoring hoisted with fruit and herb s.

How to prepare a flavoring water ized :


8 strawberries halved

½ lemon Sicilian thinly sliced

1 liter of water


1 sprig of basil

Place all ingredients in a jar, wait for a few minutes to rest (optional), help!

A hydrated organism performs its functions 100 times better. Hydrate yourself!


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