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The incredible benefits of sesame!

Sesame is the seed of a plant that originated in the East. Also known as sesame, these seeds, besides being delicious, bring many benefits. They are rich in antioxidants, lignans, vitamins and other micronutrients that guarantee several properties for health and, according to the place where it is grown, o sesame can be of various types, and white, black, yellow, brown and red sesame can be found. Due to its properties, sesame can have several health benefits, including: 1. Decrease appetite and help you lose weight; 2. Reduce the risk of developing heart disease; 3. Help to control blood pressure; 4. Improve skin health, facilitating healing and avoiding age spots; 5. Increase the body's defenses; 6. Keep bones and teeth strong; 7. Avoid liver damage by eliminating toxic products from the organ; 8. Improve mood; 9. Regulate hormone production. In our store, we have Pecan Nuts with Demerara Sugar and Sesame, be sure to try and fall in love with this seed even more !!


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