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Slow metabolism: symptoms and how to treat!

Metabolism: Metabolism is a set of chemical reactions that take place in the body. It acts in order to "break down" food and produce the energy needed by the body and a few more molecules. Types of metabolism: 1. Anabolism: consumes energy producing complex molecules; 2. Catabolism: breaks complex molecules into smaller molecules, providing energy for the body. Symptoms of Slow Metabolism! 1. Gain weight more easily and find it difficult to lose it; 2. Brittle hair and nails; 3. A lot of desire to eat sweet and fatty foods; 4. Swollen belly and accumulation of fat in parts of the body; 5. Drowsiness; 6. Difficulty performing physical activities. What causes slow metabolism? 1. Use of medications such as corticosteroids; 2. Age is a crucial factor, as metabolism slows down as we age. 3. Food determines the work of your metabolism. Foods high in sugars and sodium, or of low nutritional value, contribute to a slow metabolism. 4. Lack of physical activities contributes to weight gain and consequently metabolism slows down. 5. There are other causes such as genetic diseases, stress, hormonal imbalance, etc. How to speed up metabolism? 1. Healthy food: a colorful dish, with various vegetables, chestnuts and nuts, among other foods, such as thermogenics. 2. Physical activities: practicing physical activities regularly is a crucial factor for the metabolism to work in an accelerated way. 3. Sleep well: a good night's sleep has a great contribution to an accelerated metabolism, so don't forget to sleep well to be healthy. 4. Drink lots of water and cut down on sugar consumption


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