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Granola: learn how to choose the best option.

Granola is that cereal that is part of most people's life and table, as it is supposedly healthy, practical and tasty food, as it combines with many preparations. However, there are versions that do not follow a product quality standard, bringing unhealthy versions of granola, with non-recommended ingredients. In this material we will help you choose the best granola option, both in flavor and benefits! Check out: 1) Added sugars: Look for granola that has fewer sugars, give preference to those with natural sweeteners and avoid refined sugar. 2) Labels: Learn to read labels. It is of paramount importance to read the labels to know what you are consuming. Do not buy granolas that have caramelized nuts or chocolate chips in their composition, give preference to natural products 3) Packaging: Take care when placing the products in the cart, check that there is no tear or damage to the package. Look for products with thicker packaging, zip lock bags or even well-sealed jars, so your granola won't lose its crunch and flavor. 4) Content: You know that granola you often find in the big markets, with just oatmeal and some raisins lost in the middle? Well, don't buy this one. Buy at natural food stores or online, analyze and buy the one that has a wide variety of nuts and fruits, they will provide you with a lot of flavor and health. 5) Granola Pecanobre! Pecanobre has 2 granola options: Granola with Pecan Nuts and Salted Granola without Oats, both with the highest quality, with rigorously selected ingredients thinking about providing you and your family with a lot of flavor and health. Granola com Nozes Pecan Pecanobre has in its composition Oat flakes, pecan nuts, brown sugar, honey, white raisins, black raisins, Brazil nuts, cashews, coconut chips, goji berry, pumpkin seeds, corn flakes, sesame, chia, linseed and gum arabic. Salted Granola without Oatmeal contains pecans, chickpeas, Brazil nuts, cashews, cranberries, erythritol, pumpkin seeds, sunflower nuggets, coconut, corn flakes, pink Himalayan salt, pistachios, gum arabic, paprika , paprika, coriander and cayenne pepper.


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