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Crunchy Salad with Sweet and Sour Mix

INGREDIENTS 1 handfuls of mixed green leaves, cleaned and roughly chopped (I used 1/3 of watercress, 1/3 of lettuce, 1/2 of arugula) 8 pickled quail eggs or 2 boiled and chopped chicken eggs 4 tablespoons of sweet and sour mix @pecanobreoficial 5 cherry tomatoes or a large diced tomato 3 chopped strawberries (or 1/3 of pitaya, a slice of diced pineapple, a diced orange, or grapes (you can use more than one type of fruit) 3 tablespoons of grated raw carrot, finely chopped red pepper or pout pout (optional) SAUCE INGREDIENTS 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar or another of your choice A dessert spoon of molasses, honey, or brown sugar 2 tablespoons of olive oil or another of your choice 3 tablespoons water 1 spoon of mustard (optional) Salt to taste A pinch of powdered ginger (optional)

PREPARATION: 1- In a salad bowl or plate, initially add the chopped green leaves, then add the other ingredients 2- Exception of the sweet and sour nut mix, which is the last ingredient to be added to the salad 3- Add all the sauce ingredients in a small glass, close and shake until well mixed 4- Add the dressing to the salad 5- Finally, put the bittersweet mix over the salad @pecanobreoficial Enjoy your food!!


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