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Does our diet need to change in winter? Like?

Winter comes and brings warm food, a fire in the fireplace and more coziness. Salad is not so popular anymore, water is exchanged for hot chocolate and so on. Generally, the foods chosen for winter meals are the fattest ones, as our body increases its caloric expenditure and needs to replace what it uses. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of what is consumed so that health is not weakened. There are rumors that our metabolism speeds up in winter, is this true?? Yes it's true! That's why in winter the chances of losing weight are greater, since our body spends much more energy to keep warm, consequently losing more calories than in other seasons. Caution!! That doesn't mean you won't get fat! If you maintain a diet based on fatty and caloric foods, it is obvious that the number on the scale will increase, hence the importance of maintaining a balanced diet focused on healthy foods rich in vitamins, fiber and nutrients. How should I feed in winter? As already mentioned, winter brings an appetite for fatter and hotter foods and of course you can consume them, you just need to be careful, check it out: The soups: it is recommended that it be made up of vegetables and lean meats, far from breads and cheeses...this way, your soup will be rich in nutrients! Fondue: being a widely chosen food for cold days, fondue should consist of chocolate with the highest cocoa content (70% is a great option for those who prefer sweeter chocolates, as even though it is very healthy it does not have a taste so bitter). Cheese fondue can be composed of milk and leaner cheeses, with vegetables being used as an accompaniment. Hot chocolate: This sim is typical of winter and when made with the right ingredients it can have many health benefits. As in fondue, choose chocolates with a higher concentration of cocoa, opt for skimmed milk and preferably do not use heavy cream!

Tips for not getting fat in winter! If you find it easy to gain weight, and in winter you end up putting aside physical activities, opting for the sofa, television and popcorn... here are some tips that will help you avoid unwanted pounds: Physical activities: get rid of laziness and practice exercises, they are great to give that gas on the coldest days. What's more, on cooler days training is much more pleasant as the heat and sweat aren't as intense. Food: use and abuse vegetables, oilseeds and seeds. Prepare broths, farofa, soups and be happy with the correct ingredients. Always prioritizing those with the greatest amount of nutrients, vitamins, fiber and antioxidants. Hydration: hydration is very important both in cold and winter, being extremely necessary and preventing the dryness of mucous membranes and respiratory diseases. Does winter leave you without energy? It is very common on cold, cloudy and rainy days the energy is not very present. The day becomes tiring and long...but there are some foods that help boost your energy, one of them is coffee. Betting on coffee, or other foods with caffeine or energy properties, the morning sloth goes away. Dried fruits such as chestnuts, walnuts, almonds and other oilseeds are also very welcome to give that energy. Winter is a beautiful season and brings its benefits, the ideal is to know how to enjoy them and use them to your advantage. Yes, you can enjoy the winter and its typical foods, adapt and be happy!


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