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Eat chocolate without guilt!

Cocoa has been used by many cultures around the world for almost 400 years. It contains more than 200 compounds considered beneficial for health, has the highest content of flavanol, a powerful antioxidant that has beneficial effects on blood clotting, protection against harmful chemicals (free radicals), the immune system and many other body systems.

Over the years, much has been said about the antioxidant properties of chocolate and discussed about its general health benefits. Chocolate consumption has been scientifically linked to a longer life. A few pieces of chocolate each month can make your life sweeter and longer.

Cocoa and chocolate are also rich in minerals, such as magnesium and iron. Chocolate is a short-term source of energy.A 40-gram chocolate bar contains the same amount of phenol as a glass of red wine and can be a positive source of dietary antioxidants. It also leaves the skin more hydrated, which is why there are aesthetic procedures, such as creams and baths, made from chocolate.

Switzerland is known for its exceptional chocolate. The Swiss consume the most chocolate per capita of any country in the world. The higher the concentration of cocoa in chocolate, the more suitable it is for consumption.

So there is no reason why chocolate cannot be consumed, but of course, moderation is paramount.


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