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How to lose weight by eating nuts

The snacks we make between meals during the day are largely responsible for excessive weight gain. That is why we should consume foods that increase our satiety and control our appetite. An example of these foods are Nuts, which are part of the group of oilseeds and share the category with chestnuts, almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts and others. But what do nuts have to do with weight loss? Well, nuts are rich in omega 3 and 6, vitamin C and E, zinc and potassium. The indication made by nutritionists and the consumption of 6 to 10 units or 30 grams per day. Because they have a high caloric value, it may seem contradictory to associate them with weight loss ... but, when consumed regularly, and respecting the correct and indicated amount, nuts help to reduce the percentage of fat in the abdomen. This is thanks to the proteins and fibers that guarantee us a feeling of satiety, in addition, the presence of anti-inflammatories help to fight obesity. But as we all know, just eating will not make much difference in our lives, it is necessary to balance the consumption of nuts with regular physical activities and a balanced diet and thus you will be able to eliminate those unwanted fat.


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