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Eating Disorders!

Usually caused by mental suffering, eating disorders are characterized as a disease of the mind, directly affecting the victim's eating behavior, as it makes them obsessively worry about their appearance. These disorders do not only harm the individual's mind, but health in general, since with a restricted diet, often with the use of laxatives, forced vomiting... in short, several important nutrients are lost. There are some types of eating disorders, all having their proper treatments. However, early diagnosis helps to avoid reaching an advanced stage.


Binge eating is characterized by the exaggerated intake of food even when you are not hungry, followed by guilt, but without vomiting or attempts to get rid of what you ate. The treatment is done through a follow-up with psychologists and nutritionists who jointly treat the mind and body.


It is a metal disorder in which the person sees himself as fat even though it is not causing an obsessive struggle for weight loss... eating very little, or even not eating, taking weight-loss medication, doing a lot of exercises to lose calories, among others. The treatment begins through consultations with therapists and psychologists, helping the patient to relate better to food and his body.


Bulimia is a binge eating followed by guilt and compensatory behaviors such as forcing yourself to vomit, using laxatives, etc. Treatment is also done through follow-up with psychologists and nutritionists.


It makes people worry too much about what they're going to eat... it's a strict healthy diet. Treatment is done through psychological and medical follow-up to show patients that they can be healthy and don't need to restrict themselves so much.

There are many other eating disorders that we should be aware of and try to prevent, if you experience any symptoms, look for a trusted doctor and tell us what you're feeling.


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