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Taste X Overweight: preference for sweets!

Did you know that overweight is a disease that causes several health problems in addition to leading many people to death every year. Another important factor is to know that obesity alters the taste, that is, it reduces the number of taste buds on the tongue, making the person eat more to satisfy the urge.

But what causes the loss of taste? As already mentioned, overweight and obesity cause a reduction in taste buds, this happens due to chronic inflammation associated with the accumulation of fats. As a result, people with obesity tend to look for sweeter and fatty foods, as they more easily perceive these flavors.

On the other hand, when returned to the ideal weight, the taste buds return to normal, providing the individual with a normal taste again.

Avoiding Obesity! For each palate, a menu must be programmed that meets the needs without the person thinking about deviating from this food plan. With this, the rates of obesity and overweight will decrease.

Also, to this food plan, foods that provide a feeling of satiety and at the same time taste delicious so that the person has pleasure in consuming must be added. Nuts and chestnuts are delicious foods that have a very high nutritional value and are super delicious. The pastes and creams made with these oilseeds are very adopted in these diets, they kill the desire for a sweet while being very nutritious at the same time.

Have you ever tried Pecanobre's Nuts in natura, coated and caramelized? And the sweet and savory spreads? Everything is done with great care and commitment to the consumer, always focusing on flavor, food quality and nutrients.


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