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Hazelnut: discover the incredible benefits of this fruit!

Hazelnut, fruit of the hazel and originally from North America, is considered a dry fruit and is part of the group of oilseeds. Often associated with chocolate, hazelnut has a sweet taste, combining with sweet and savory dishes, being eaten raw, roasted, in the form of milk, oil and even butter, a delight!

In addition to being great for consumption it has many properties and benefits for the body. They are rich in fiber, calcium, B vitamins, proteins and various minerals.

Here are some benefits derived from the consumption of hazelnut:

- Helps control blood sugar, being great for people with diabetes to use as a snack;

- Assists in weight reduction;

- It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties; - Balances the metabolism;

- Assists in the functioning of the nervous system; - Helps in muscle gain.

Hazelnut is all good for our health! Including it in your diet you will have all these benefits and more. In addition, this oilseed is super easy to insert into the menu. Check out some options for using hazelnut:

- In the tasty and famous hazelnut cream; - Used to give that crispness to the salad;

- In pies and brownies; - Truffles and cookies, among others.

Hazelnuts are a great option for anytime!


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