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Himalayan Pink Salt: a salt free of polluting agents!

Pink Himalayan Salt is a mineral ingredient that comes from the Mountains of Pakistan and is considered one of the purest on the planet, and is colored pink due to the amount of iron oxides. It is considered healthier than the refined one as it does not go through the refinement process. It is free of polluting agents and has the same 84 minerals that are found in the human body. Sodium: sodium, although many people think it is not, it is important for human health since it performs some bodily functions such as participating in nerve impulses, transporting molecules between cells, muscle contraction, etc. The pink salt has some benefits: - Increased body hydration; - Helps to extract toxins; - Increased blood circulation; - Natural skin scrub, etc. But be careful, it has a sodium chloride content very similar to sea salt (kitchen salt), so consume in moderation. The ideal daily consumption of salt per person would be 5 grams (1 teaspoon).


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