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Pecan Crusted Tilapia


2 tilapia fillets;

50g of toasted pecan nuts;

100g of breadcrumbs;

50g of parsley;

1 clove of garlic;

1 small onion, chopped;

60 mL of olive oil;

Salt and pepper to taste.

Preparation mode

In a processor or mixer add the onion, garlic, parsley and breadcrumbs, mixing everything. Add the pecan nuts and beat some more, then add the olive oil, as if preparing a pesto.

Separate the tilapia fillet and spread the crust over it, applying light pressure so that it sticks to the fish.

In a refractory, place the fillet and bake in a preheated oven over low heat to bake, for about 10 minutes. If the crust is not golden after this time, leave it for a few more minutes. Serve with a leafy salad or white rice.


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