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Thyme, also known as pennyroyal or thymus, is an aromatic herb that, in addition to being used in cooking to add flavor and aroma, also brings medicinal properties to its leaves, flowers and oil, which can be used to treat problems such as bronchitis and cough.

Its proven effects, when used alone or in combination with other herbs, are:

Fight bronchitis, improving symptoms such as cough and fever, also stimulating sputum; relieve cough, as it contains properties that relax the throat muscles; fight infections in the mouth and ear, through the use of its essential oil.

The scientific name for thyme is Thymus vulgaris and it can be purchased in its fresh or dehydrated form at health food stores, compounding pharmacies, street markets and markets. See other home remedies for cough, including for children. How to use thyme to fight cough? The used parts of the thyme are its seeds, flowers, leaves and essential oil, in the form of seasoning, for immersion baths or in the form of tea for drinking, gargling or inhaling. Infusion of thyme: Place 2 tablespoons of chopped leaves in a cup of boiling water and let it rest for 10 minutes, before straining. Drink several times a day. The use of essential oil should only be done externally on the skin, as its oral consumption should only be done according to medical advice.


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