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5 golden tips for putting together a healthy lunch box!

We generally have the idea that healthy snacks take time to be assembled and with the rush of everyday life they end up being left out. Bearing in mind this concept, the choice is always for quick and practical snacks, such as stuffed biscuits, savory snacks, juice box, in short, ready-to-eat options. But what has not been told is that these foods end up causing several health problems that may not appear immediately, but over the years they will cause a lot of damage. Here are 5 invaluable tips for building a healthy lunch box: 1) Organization! Organize weekly menus so that you don't arrive at the last minute and leave everything unplanned. With an organized menu everything is easier. 2) Proper lunch box! If you, or your child, spend a lot of time outside the home, the ideal way to keep food fresh and tasty is a thermal lunch box... pay attention to it, the quality and appearance again are what make you want to eat. 3) The snack and the combination! The ideal and oriented thing to do is to combine 3 food groups when assembling your lunch box, so it will be very complete: 1.Builders: yoghurt, milk and cheese for example; 2. Regulators: fruits, vegetables and legumes; 3. Energetics: cakes, breads and cookies.

4) Find a nutritionist! Talking to someone who understands about the subject opens up horizons and opportunities. The nutritionist will be able to guide you through the right path to follow, thus facilitating the assembly of a tasty and healthy snack!

5) Avoid industrialized products, bet on natural ones! The flavor and freshness of natural foods are unparalleled, some fruits, a mix of oilseeds combined with yogurt, a freshly baked cake and natural juice will make up a complete and tasty lunch box that even the kids will love. See how putting together a healthy lunch box isn't that hard? Just a little creativity and follow the tips above and the time to set up the snack will be very special and fun!


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