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5 reasons to include oilseeds in your diet!

A healthy diet is something sought after by many... for this it is necessary to reject foods rich in fat and salt, opting for allies that will really make you reach your goal. Regular consumption of nuts can bring incredible benefits as they have a high concentration of nutrients and vitamins.

I deais for those who want to maintain good health, if consumed daily oilseeds may reduce r the risk of cancer by up to 15% and of heart disease by up to 30%.

Now discover 5 reasons why you should immediately include oilseeds in your diet:

1) Source of Good Fats!

Oilseeds have in their composition the famous good fats, mono and polyunsaturated, which are responsible for controlling the levels of bad cholesterol in the body.

2) Help with weight loss!

Despite being quite caloric, oilseeds work by reducing abdominal fat and providing a feeling of satiety, thus promoting weight loss.

3) Prevents heart attacks and strokes!

They work by reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke, this is due to their power to control cholesterol and blood pressure...providing an enviable health.

4) Rich in nutrients and antioxidants!

These nutrients and antioxidants work by strengthening the immune system and helping the body to function better.

5) Reduces inflammation!

It works by helping to reduce inflammation thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

There are so many amazing reasons why you should include oilseeds in your diet that it's hard to choose just 5. Get this for your life, start testing options now, bringing oilseeds closer!!

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