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Avoiding food waste: reuse tips!

Food waste is a very serious issue that must be addressed. Research says that about a third of the food produced in the world is wasted, and on the other hand, many people die of hunger day after day. Therefore, taking advantage of all parts of food is undoubtedly essential for a better and more sustainable world. We have prepared some alternatives for you to enjoy and preserve better, and use parts that would be thrown away from food. Reusing! You know the stalks and leaves of that vegetable you are going to use, don't throw it away, enjoy another recipe! Options for you: Stems and leaves: use them in broths and soups Very ripe fruits: turn them into jellies or juices Old breads: turn into breadsticks and breadcrumbs Chicken: can be made into pâté or stuffing Old rice: make fried dumplings or use to thicken soups 1) Shopping list: when you go to the supermarket or the fair, make a list of what you really need and try to buy only what you need. This way, you prevent food from getting old and ending up in the trash. 2) Storage: store your food in airtight pots that prevent air from entering, thus preventing wilting. Another alternative is to opt for ziplock packages, such as the Pecanobre sachets, which preserve the integrity of the product. 3) Leftovers: what cannot be reused in any way, use it as fertilizer, preparing a domestic compost, very useful for plantation soils. Avoid throwing food away as much as possible, we are together for a more sustainable world!


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