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Veganism: how to replace animal foods!

The great fear of people when adopting a diet other than carnivore is how to replace animal protein and all other ingredients and products that derive from this source. However, nowadays, with all the technology we have, the adoption of a vegetarian or vegan diet does not become more complicated, since we can use various means such as the internet to collect information.

Today we will show you how to replace animal foods in your diet, always being well nourished and healthy. Check out!

1) How to replace meat! Have you ever heard of vegetable meats? These meats are produced using grains such as soy, chickpeas, lentils, beans... you can buy them ready-made, or prepare them at home, which is the most suitable since they won't have as many additives as the industrialized ones.

2) Replacing Dairy! Vegetable milks have been taking over the market for a long time, being even more delicious than cow's milk, they are produced through chestnuts, quinoa, rice, oats, soy, in short, they are produced in many ways and can be used as milk. cow. For cheese, tofu is the most suitable: made from soybeans, it does not melt, but it has a smooth and pleasant flavor.

3) Replacing the eggs! Replacing the egg is a little more complicated, but not impossible. To replace it in recipes you can be using mashed bananas, or flaxseed or chia hydrated in water. For the “omelet”, you can replace it with the mashed and seasoned tofu itself, or with chickpeas. For breading is easy, you can use flour and water.

4) Oilseeds! All nuts, especially almonds, should be included in a vegan or vegetarian diet, as they provide protein, good fats, omega-3s, and many other benefits.

Did you see how opting for a cruelty-free diet isn't even that difficult? The only issue here is the taste, if you really like to eat meat, change your habit little by little: if you eat two pieces of meat today, try to eat only one tomorrow, and so on, until you adapt to the new choice. . .


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