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5 essential care for bone health!

Throughout life, bones undergo some changes, so it is worth remembering the importance of taking special care so that they are not damaged through these changes. Check out now some of the care you should adopt to ensure good health for your bones: 1) The food! Food is a crucial factor for good bone development, as it provides us with calcium and the other elements we need. Therefore, always consume foods such as dairy products that are a great source of calcium, chickpeas, oats, spinach, in addition to others such as oilseeds that also provide the element. 2) Avoid harmful habits! Osteoporosis, a degenerative disease that makes bones weaker and brittle, is caused by some bad habits such as excessive consumption of alcohol, caffeine, among others. 3) Physical activities! Bones are living tissues that must be cared for like any other part of the body. Maintaining physical exercises regularly supports better health which helps to avoid possible accidents and injuries. 4) Proper footwear! Uncomfortable, heavy shoes that don't fit the shape of your foot can be harmful to your bone health. 5) Maintain the proper weight! Overweight is extremely harmful to bones as they make them bear more weight than they are capable of. In addition, talk to the doctor and do the necessary tests to detect any problem and treat it in time.


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