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How to choose the ideal snack!

Did you know that there are different types of hunger? Yeah, there's the physical hunger we feel every day and it's natural. And, on the other hand, there is hunger caused by feelings, emotions. Therefore, we must pay attention to how hungry we are in order not to overeat inappropriate foods, thus developing health problems. Com isso, vamos te dar algumas opções de lanches saudáveis que irão saciar sua fome e te manter no foco mesmo quando estiver emocionalmente abalado. When you are emotionally hungry, choose to: -Healthy snacks: our tip is Nuts, a tasty, nutritious option that provides unparalleled benefits. We have the Bittersweet Mix and the different options of caramelized and coated nuts; -Fruits; - Yogurts; -Cereals. Snacks between meals: -Banana Pancakes; - Tapiocas and crepiocas; -Smothies and beats; - Wholemeal sandwiches; - Chicken or tuna pates. Opt for snacks that provide a feeling of satiety for longer.


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