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Because Peanut Butter is considered healthy.

Peanut butter is a food that was already highly appreciated by Americans for some time and is now gaining space on Brazilians' tables. Because it is tasty, healthy and cheap, it is a viable option and widely chosen by those who choose a healthy life, as it is generally composed only of crushed peanuts.

Although many people are including peanut butter in their diet, there is still some doubt, is it really healthy? What benefits does it provide? How can I consume it? For those who are now familiar with peanut butter, doubts are normal... wanting to know more about a particular product is natural! Through this reading you will discover the benefits, why it is considered healthy and ways to consume peanut butter. Benefits of Peanut Butter!


No wonder that it is chosen for pre and post workouts, in addition to providing more energy, it helps in gaining muscle mass.

High content of healthy fats! It has the healthy fat provided by peanuts, polyunsaturated fats that act to protect the heart and regulate LDL (bad cholesterol).

Provides a feeling of satiety! As it is slowly digested by the body, it makes us feel full for a longer time.

In addition to preventing some diseases, helping with weight loss, contributing to the strengthening of the immune system and good for the bones...tasty and immensely healthy.

Ways to consume!

Peanut butter can be consumed in an infinite number of ways:

-With a wholemeal bread;

-With fruits...a chopped banana, with a spoonful of peanut butter and a granola on top is the perfect combination for that nutritious and tasty snack!

-Can be included in both sweet and savory recipes

-Great option for filling tapiocas, pancakes, etc.

Attention when choosing!

Opt for options consisting only of roasted peanuts, pay attention to the labels and choose the most natural ones possible.


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