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Delicious and versatile: folders that will surprise you!

Pastas are versatile, tasty foods, with numerous benefits and easy to prepare, so they are always available on the tables of the majority of the population. With different flavors, preparation methods, textures and side dishes, they are taking more and more space in the lives and hearts of those who consume them.

What's in the folders?

Nuts, peanuts, chestnuts, among other nuts, roasted and crushed until they become a paste. Some have artificial flavorings, which is not recommended for those who want to lead a healthy life. The Pecanobre ones, for example, are 100% natural, with only chocolate and some Whey, to give those nutrients and a special taste!

Health benefits!

As they are composed of essential nutrients for the proper functioning of the body and organism, we can already see how wonderful they are, but we will specify for you. Check out: -Good shape! The folders are great allied to good shape, and can be included both pre and post workout, helping to enhance the results of the gym.

-Immune system! Due to the vitamins and nutrients present in the oilseeds that make up the product, the body's defense cells are very strong, prepared for whatever comes and goes. -Weight control! Fats and calories, which many think are bad things, are healthy components of our spreads, helping the body to produce a feeling of satiety after a meal.

How to consume? Pastes can be consumed in different ways, at the discretion of each one, but always respecting the recommended daily limit, after all, it's not because it's healthy that we can exaggerate, right? Check out some of the options we have for you: -With breads and toasts; -With fruits like banana, apple, papaya.. -In shakes and smoothies; -To fill pancakes; -As an ingredient in recipes you prepare, etc.

You can be very happy including nut and peanut pastes in your food routine, knowing how to consume it consciously and in moderation, it will be a great option to make your days tastier. Have you tried the Pecanobre folders?? Check out our entire product line, but especially the Sweet Folders!

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