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The 4 best oilseeds for your workout!

Oilseeds are carriers of incredible benefits, being wonderful in all their versions, they go well from snacks to main dishes. These fruits have many proteins that are rich in arginine, a substance that stimulates the production of nitric oxide, which acts on memory and learning . muscle mass gain and fat loss. Check out the 4 best oilseeds for your training below: Nuts: work to fight inflammation, preventing injuries and that tiredness that hits after training; Almonds:they also act by fighting inflammation, in addition to strengthening bones, preventing various types of diseases, as well as being a great source of fiber ; Cashew Nuts : it is a great ally, it has a considerable amount of magnesium that is responsible for the increase of energy during your training and if ingested after training it relaxes the muscles; Brazil Nut: acts by lowering cholesterol and as an anti-inflammatory!

Being great in any occasion, especially in pre and post training, the ideal is to consume a mix with several of them, always obeying the indicated daily amount. As they are a source of minerals that are very important for muscle maintenance, oilseeds are a great choice for those who want to gain muscle mass!


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