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Also called nuts or chestnuts, oilseeds have stood out more and more when it comes to healthy eating, and it is not for less. They are excellent sources of energy, full of nutrients and vitamins and good fats, providing a super nutritious, tasty and healthy diet.

Oilseeds are vegetables, from which oil can be extracted. Habitually we call Oilseeds the fruits that have their rigid skins and have almost always edible seeds. The best known are: Nuts, macadamia, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, cashews and Pará nuts. If you missed peanuts on this list, know that it is classified as a legume (grains produced in pods), but it is often considered as oilseed due to the similarity in the nutritional composition.

But what we really want to talk about here is that, there is a right way to consume and store these oilseeds. Their consumption must be surrounded by various precautions so that they do not lose their nutritional characteristics.


It is very important to be careful with the container in which the chestnuts will be stored. When opening your product it is essential to place it in clean and dry containers, preferably made of glass or stainless steel, with airtight or threaded closure. Thus, you prevent your product from having contact with the free radicals present in the Atmosphere.

That is why here at Pecanobre, our products are packaged in a modified atmosphere (Semi-Vacuum Nitrogen). It works as follows: The air contained in the packaging is eliminated, followed by the injection of a gas (N2-nitrogen) selected according to the properties of the food, thus providing an optimal gaseous environment for the conservation of the product! The packaging acts as a barrier, isolating the food from the external atmosphere. This type of condition when packing products has many advantages, such as; prolongs the life of the chestnut, preserving its quality and safety; Allows the food to remain unchanged in flavor, aroma, color and nutritional qualities; Avoids oxidative rancidity and condensation; Slows down the development of fungi and bacteria; Prevents product deformation, since here we work with partial pressing (about 60%), ensuring that your nuts are not crushed and broken.

To keep the chestnuts preserved even longer, place the container in the refrigerator! The lower temperatures prevent the loss of moisture and the development of mold. If kept refrigerated, the chestnuts will remain fresh, crispy and delicious for much longer!

If you want to carry it in your purse or take it to snack time at work, school or college, it's okay to leave it out of the fridge during this time. But the tip is: Take just enough to be consumed that day and avoid exposure to light.

If you didn't know the tips above, or if you haven't noticed them and now your nuts have lost their crispness or the flavor is no longer the same ... Don't despair! It is still possible that you will be able to reverse this situation. Depending on the stage of the self-oxidation process, placing the nuts in an airtight container in the refrigerator, you will be able to recover them.


Although we know that the caramelized and dredged versions are delicious, the In Natura versions provide us with greater health benefits. Only buy in bulk if you are sure of the good origin and the expiration date. If the oilseeds are packed, the guarantee that their nutritional qualities are unchanged will be greater. According to the recommended food pyramid for Brazilians, 30 g daily, which is more or less what fits in the palm of the hand

We hope this text has been helpful to you.

With affection, Pecanobre.


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