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Throughout the day, during the break of each meal, that hunger hits and soon comes the idea: how about a snack... this is a very appreciated moment in many places and reminds us of moments like those at school where the break is snack times were sacred!! Age is coming and in adulthood, snack time often stops happening, sometimes due to lack of time or even custom. With this, snacks were invented, which are nothing more than more practical snack options. Snacks, their consumption and options for you! As already mentioned, snacks are a kind of snack. They are named this way because they are quick snacks, small portions and that can be consumed at any time of the day because of their convenience. Pay attention: an important issue is the quality of snacks. Often, because they are this quick option, they become extremely caloric and poorly nutritious foods. The idea is not to go hungry, not waste time and much less consume unhealthy foods, an option for you is: Caramelized Mix with Demerara Sugar!! This option is tasty, with nutrients and many benefits, in addition to being super compact and fit in your bag or backpack, a wonder, right? Don't settle for any kind of snack just because it's practical, choose the best ones, like Pecanobre!


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