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Eat every 3 hours. Truth or myth?

Eating every 3 hours? Food and the right way to eat is a discussion that generates several paths. For a long time the correct thing was to eat meals every 3 hours, so that our body would receive many nutrients, we would have the feeling of satiety for longer, it would speed up the metabolism, among others, however, this is all a myth! The idea that eating 3 in 3 hours speeds up metabolism was belied by u m study published in 1997 by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) which concludes u that this theory doesn't speed up metabolism, let alone burn calories. It can only help with overeating throughout the day. Diets! The truth is that there is no standard diet that works for everyone, because in reality each person's metabolism is different, thus needing different diets and ways of eating , specific for each one. To give you an idea, the way you should eat will depend on your goal, whoever wants to lose weight, the ideal is to eat less and healthier foods, since those who want to gain weight or gain muscle mass, the ideal is to eat a lot of carbohydrates, especially right after training.

So, the idea that eating every 3 hours will help you lose weight is far from true...a balanced diet, rich in nutrients and with the ideal foods is what will bring the desired result!


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