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Stress and Binge Eating

Eating without feeling hungry is very common in the lives of many people around the world. The need to eat even without being hungry, this is due to the factor called Binge Eating! What is binge eating? Binge eating is nothing more than an increase in food intake, which happens at certain times or can be something more serious happening daily. Compulsion is usually caused by stress that makes the person try to control their emotions by eating sweets and carbohydrates as these foods increase serotonin, which causes, momentarily, a feeling of pleasure and well-being. Stress, anxiety and depression are often caused by sudden changes in the family, at work, with friends, in short... these stressful moments can cause changes in the nervous system, leading people to binge eating. Symptoms: Eating even without feeling hungry; Eating too fast; Feeling bad for eating too much ... Health risks: Obesity; Reduction in respiratory capacity; Diseases like diabetes; Psychological disorders, among others... How to prevent binge eating? The ideal way to stay away from the compulsion is to avoid stress, unpleasant moments, fights, in short, avoid triggers that will make you nervous and sad. Consultations and treatments with experts in this area, such as psychologists, who take care of mental health, is very good. Tips to control binge! 1) Eat your meals correctly, do not expect to feel too hungry to eat so you will not eat more than ideal; 2) Eat calmly, chew slowly; 3) Choose to have healthy foods in your cupboards; 4) Practice physical activities, they are great for reducing stress and improving hormones.

Pay attention to the signs, take care of your physical and especially emotional health!


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