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Healthy Eating: Your Diet Can Impact Your Happiness!

A good diet helps to control several areas of our life...both mental and physical, providing a good functioning of the brain and good mood and helping the body to keep up to date with health.

A balanced diet plays a very important role in our mental health, directly affecting our happiness, as it provides essential nutrients... mental and emotional.

How to keep your brain healthy?

Avoid processed foods! Because they have a lot of sugar and few nutrients, the brain works hard, as it doesn't have everything it needs to perform better. Include fruits and vegetables in everyday life! They have essential nutrients and vitamins, if consumed daily they can help increase mood and happiness levels.

Practice physical exercises often! Physical exercises help to have a more willing life, providing energy and a sense of well-being. They also distract thoughts, making people lighter.

Replace fats with healthy fats! Replacing harmful fats like trans fats with beneficial ones like mono and polyunsaturated fats will improve your brain health considerably, as trans fat consumption has a strong correlation with increased depression. With this, we can conclude that healthy habits go far beyond superficial health, they act in different areas of our life, changing the way of living! But it's worth remembering that nothing replaces a professional follow-up, if you're feeling bad, look for someone to talk to and solve your problem.


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