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How and Why to Raise HDL: Good Cholesterol!

Cholesterol is a substance found in every cell in the body, it is fatty and is very useful in various body functions. Good cholesterol is a way to set HDL, which is very important and helps prevent cardiovascular disease, heart attack and stroke. -HDL cholesterol eliminates and removes LDL (or “bad” cholesterol); -HDL reduces, reuses LDL, transporting it to the liver, where it can be reprocessed; -HDL cholesterol acts as a blood vessel maintenance team. Damage to the inner walls is the primary trigger for atherosclerosis, which causes heart attacks. HDL cleans the walls and keeps them healthy. What should I do to increase my good cholesterol??

1) Have proper nutrition! Try to consume the right amount of each food. Include in your diet fish meat, vegetables and other foods that are a source of good fats such as oilseeds and seeds.

2) Exercise daily! Exercise can increase HDL by 5 to 10% in adults with a problem with sedentary lifestyle.

3) Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages! The exaggerated consumption of alcoholic beverages can considerably increase the risk of cardiovascular disease

4) Don't consume too many carbohydrates! Excess consumption lowers HDL levels

What happens if my HDL is low?

HDL works by clearing the body of bad cholesterol and preventing various diseases. When the good cholesterol is at a low level, the risk of cardiovascular disease increases considerably!!

Practicing the activities and tips mentioned above just a few times and stopping, obviously will not bring good results and will not help to increase the good cholesterol... for them to work, ideally, they are put into practice every day and become a habit, making part of the routine and thus becoming pleasant to have a healthy life!


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