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Nuts: learn about their benefits and learn how to include them in your diet!

Pecans are the fruits obtained from walnut trees, which contribute

a special way for health to be always up to date, as they are a source of various nutrients and good fats. Therefore, it is worth highlighting some of the many benefits that pecan nuts provide for humans, check out:

1) Cardiovascular health! Pecans contribute by decreasing the risk of blood clotting and due to its action in controlling bad cholesterol levels (LDL) it helps to ward off heart disease.

2) Bone Health! Blood levels of collagen components act by indicating bone volume (low levels = less bone mineral loss), walnuts in turn act by decreasing these rates, promoting impeccable bone health.

3) Quality of sleep! The pecan nut has in its composition a substance called melatonin that acts by inducing sleep, consequently, those who consume nuts are likely to always have a great night's sleep.

4) Muscle Mass! The oilseed is an excellent pre and post workout option, and can, along with other foods, assist in muscle mass gain.

5) Neurological Health! It works by complementing neurotransmitter production processes that are essential for the proper functioning of the brain.

6) Weight Loss! Despite having a significant amount of calories, nuts help with weight loss as they speed up metabolism, providing a fat burning.

There are still many benefits, they are almost countless, nuts only bring good things to health and should be included in your menu, so we will give you tips on how to assemble delicious dishes with them: COMBINATIONS WITH NUTS!

-For breakfast: try to combine the nuts with various yogurts, fruits, pancakes and tapioca, or even prepare some breads and cakes with these delights.

-Lunch and dinner: it may seem difficult to combine nuts with savory dishes, but on the contrary, pecans are amazing in farofa, pasta, in meats as a flatbread, in pestos and assorted sauces, etc.

-Afternoon coffee and snacks: cakes, brownies, smoothies, smoothies and sweets by the glass are the classics and tasty treats that contain nuts.

See how difficult it is? And above all, they are practical and easy to prepare!


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