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Organic products, what are the benefits?

When we decide for a more balanced diet and to consume quality foods, we are deciding to increase the benefits for our health. This type of diet guarantees the improvement of the digestive system, the proper functioning of the organism, the quality of sleep, the appearance of skin and hair, in addition to strengthening the immune system and ensuring a good mood.

For you to understand better, organic products are those that do not receive agricultural advocates, such as pesticides or other chemical products. In organic products, bioactive substances are much more present. And as a result we have more antioxidants for our body, which are substances that will improve our immune system and prevent various diseases. The ultimate goal of organic food is to maintain the planet's balance and people's health.

But more profoundly, what are the benefits of these foods?

The toxicity indexes in these foods are almost nil, that way you'll be able to avoid allergic and respiratory crises, overweight, hormonal disturbances, among other diseases. Due to the form of cultivation, organic foods tend to have a higher concentration of nutrients, such as phosphorus and antioxidants, than those grown by conventional methods. That is, they have greater nutritional value. And they are GMO free. On top of that, organic farming practices are better for the environment, preserving balance.


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