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Step by step: how to assemble a cold board!

A cold board is a good option for any occasion, and can be present from a get-together with friends to a formal meeting, with several components it is a snack that pleases different palates. But for a perfect board we must pay attention to details and choose each component with great care. Let's start! Check out the tips: 1) Choice of cheeses!

For the perfect cold cuts board, have a variety of 3 to 5 types of cheese, both fresh and hard, providing experiences with textures and flavors. Offer them in small pieces, or in cubes, so that each person can serve themselves with practicality. 2) Meat and sausages!

Meat and sausages gain a prominent place on the board, many people love it, so don't save, make a wide variety of this ingredient available. To give them a nice appearance and easy consumption, roll them up. 3) Fruits!

In addition to making the board more beautiful and colorful, the fruits provide a special sweetness and can be made available whole, as is the case with strawberries, grapes, or in pieces, such as apples, pears, peach, among others. 4) Breads!

Offer a variety of breads, toasts, crackers of water and salt, always in thin slices, so they can be consumed alone or with jellies and pâtés. 5) Preserves!

Quail eggs, cucumbers and olives are the most common on the boards, being indispensable for their incredible flavors and practicality. You can make sticks available so that manipulation is easier and more accessible. 6) Chestnuts and walnuts!

Last but not least, chestnuts and walnuts provide crunchiness and flavors, as well as making it prettier. Pecanobre offers a wide variety of oilseeds that can wonderfully compose your board. Check it all out on our website!


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