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Oilseeds and their benefits

The group of oilseeds consists of seeds and grains rich in oil, such as nuts, chestnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts and almonds. The type of fat found in these foods is unsaturated fat, an important source of energy and full of benefits for our body. They have biologically active compounds (vitamins, minerals, phytosterols, phenolic components) available for the development and maintenance of a healthy body. Also known for being a source of energy, oilseeds should be inserted into your daily life with the recommendation and monitoring of a nutritionist. In addition to consuming them alone, you can also eat them with cereals, fruits, snacks, accompaniment of dishes, etc. They can be used in the preparation of recipes. However, with this process, there may be a change in the organoleptic characteristics and nutritional character of the seeds. After all, when taken to the oven or fire, they have a modified texture and a decrease in their nutritional value. Oilseeds, in short, are great food options to include once in your routine. In order not to get sick of them, it is worth varying the consumption and the combinations you make. Thus, you find new flavors and enjoy its different benefits and nutrients every day. From breakfast to supper, it is possible to have them strategically on your plates.


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