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Recipe: Cracker Pie with Nuts and Apricot!

Recipe: Biscuit Pie with Pecan and Apricot Nuts! Who doesn't like a simple and totally tasty recipe, right?

Although the pie itself has several steps, we guarantee that it is almost impossible to miss the hand.

So, if you don't have such an affinity for cooking, but want to surprise, this is a great option! Let's go to the ingredients? Filling 1:

- 300g of cream.

- 380g of Dulce de Leche. Filling 2.

- 300g of cream.

- 395g of Condensed Milk. Roof.

- 200g of Cream of Milk.

- 130g of semisweet chocolate. To split the fillings:

- 1 Pack of Maria Cookie.

- Milk

- 2 col. (Tea) of Coffee

- Chopped Pecan Nuts

- Apricots Method of preparation:

The fillings are very simple to prepare. Just combine the two ingredients in a container and mix until they look uniform.

For the icing, you will need to melt the chocolate, you can do this in a double boiler, or if you prefer in the microwave, just be careful not to burn the chocolate. Place every 30 seconds, until it melts completely, after that, mix the cream and stir until it forms a homogeneous mass. To ride:

Prepare a container with milk and coffee to moisten the biscuits.

In an ovenproof dish, place the first layer of biscuit, which you have moistened in milk, then place a layer of filling and drop a little chopped pecan nuts, add more biscuits, filling, and apricots. And go on like this, until you have the filling to work with, or the pie reaches the size you want.

Finish off with a layer of biscuit, and the chocolate Ganache! Tip: If you want softer apricots, you can simmer for 10 or 15 minutes. I'm sure it will be delicious.


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