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Understand the relationship between food and depression!

It is through food that our body gains energy and easily performs the activities proposed to it, but more than that, it is through the right foods. But what if I told you that food also interferes with mental health, do you believe it? It's strange to think that what we eat changes the way our minds work, for better or worse. And do you know why? Check out:

Promoter Foods!

1) Stress promoters: they worsen mental performance, providing a sense of momentary well-being, but that over time worsens the stress framework, they are: sugar, caffeine, alcohol, among others.

2) Mood promoters: they are those that help the brain in its functions, promoting better performance. And examples are vegetables, fruits, dried fruits, water... which, in addition to everything else, work against depression.

But what is the relationship between Food and Depression?

According to studies, depression is directly linked to a chronic inflammation of the body, which worsens or improves (in parts) due to the food that is ingested.

For example, the higher the intake of sugar and fast foods, the higher the glycemic index, the greater the likelihood of developing or worsening depression. On the other hand, when ingested foods rich in nutrients such as fruits, fish, grains, oilseeds, inflammation decreases, improving or preventing the disease.

We can see the importance of food to take care of our mental health, but it is worth remembering that it is not the only way to fight depression. Although it is one of the factors, full health involves many factors and requires a change in habits, such as the practice of physical activities, time to do what you like, continuous intake of water, and something very important: frequent visits to professionals destined That being said, depression is no joke. Take care of yourself and take care of the ones you love!


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