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Why should we soak oilseeds and seeds?

Even though consuming them directly, they already provide us with countless benefits, we can enhance the properties of seeds and oilseeds if we let them soak for a while. Oilseeds and seeds have excellent nutritional values, which make them essential in our diet. In addition, they are super practical, can be consumed at any time, and provide us with a lot of satiety. Now what do you really want to know, why should I soak the Oilseeds and Seeds before consuming them? Here are some reasons:

They taste much more attractive after being soaked. After a few hours of soaking, most of the dust, residues, tannins from the skins are released into the water, which makes the product much smoother and more palatable, allowing us to have a softer and more buttery food. Oilseeds and raw seeds, like pulses, are covered in substances known as enzyme inhibitors. They have the function of preventing early germination and help to conserve nutrients for plant growth. However, when consuming them, we prevent the absorption of some minerals and proteins and digestion is difficult. If we leave them to soak for a few hours, we avoid this problem as they start the germination process, increasing their nutritional profile. What is the best way to soak oilseeds and seeds?

1. Place the seeds or oilseeds in a container;

2. Always add 2 measures of water for each measure of seed and approximately 1 tablespoon of vinegar or lemon for each measure of water;

3. Soak for 20 minutes to 12 hours. (The longer the time, the greater the elimination of unwanted substances).

ATTENTION: The water that has been soaked in must be discarded! In other words: you must soak, for a certain and long time, with or without a fermentation process and, in no way, use this same water in your cooking. OK?

Ready! Now make it a habit. It doesn't take any work! You just need to get organized.


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