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Almonds and their many health benefits!

Almonds, fruits of almond trees, have been valued since antiquity. Being popular in the diet of ancient Egyptians and indigenous civilizations.

They are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and contain satiety fibers, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals such as magnesium and manganese, protectors of phytosterols and plant proteins.

And don't be afraid of almond fat! Despite their calorie content they can also help you lose weight.

What's more, a study from the University of South Australia found that almonds eaten as snacks reduce hunger and the desire to eat at the end of the day.

As a source of several nutrients, almonds bring many benefits to our health, such as:

-It can improve the functioning of brain functions: they are considered as one of the best foods for the brain. That's because they contain riboflavin and L-carnitine, two key nutrients that can positively affect neurological activity and prevent cognitive decline.

-They help maintain skin health: almonds contain high concentrations of antioxidants, which can help prevent skin cancer and its damage. The healthy fats of almonds also help to keep the skin hydrated.

-It helps to control blood sugar levels. - Helps in maintaining dental and bone health.

How to consume almonds?

The ideal is to consume 40 grams per day - which is around 35 units. First of all choose unsalted almonds, as they have less sodium content. You can eat them raw or, if you prefer, crushed and sprinkled over salads, snacks and even mixed with your favorite yogurt.


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